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Growing up in a very “Huggelig” Midwestern home, I was taught to value generosity and hospitality. Even as a child, I was passionate about designing beautiful spaces that would cultivate creativity and conversation with others. After receiving my bachelors degree in vocal performance, I moved to the bay area to pursue a career on the stage. Four offspring later, I turned my dream into a passion of writing children’s musicals.  Every summer I direct musicals to 600 kids at my theater program, Children’s Christian Music Theatre. Fifteen years ago, I returned to my childhood interest of design and watched it grow into a respected design and staging firm, completing 300 stages and 50 design projects last year alone. I love the challenge and thrill of running a small business and look forward to the continued success in our future.  




Don’t doubt this woman’s capability; she has pedaled from coast to coast to finally settle in the bay area. Growing up and completing undergrad on the East Coast, she received her MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her eye for art, balance and color easily segues into her work as a designer.  Kate uses her calm demeanor and organization skills to manage the busy schedule and overcaffeinated Huggelig Homes team.  When she is not busy making someone’s home gorgeous, she can be found, refinishing furniture, painting and running on the beach with her dog, Magnolia.